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The Knitting Circle

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Knitting Time

She sings those star-garments into shape
in her sleep on nights when there is light
enough to birth a new universe.
But now, her melody won't settle.

Like Lot’s wife, she looks back at glass dripping upwards,
hears the movement whisper...
the pane slipping slowly into sand.
as echoes yield an unflinching movement.

Inhabiting a raw time, of all tomorrows,
she breathes, but nothing will hold,
and once the terror takes, there's hell to pay
for all those illusions, tenebrous sounds
moving through the belly of self-belief.

And so back to the knitting vessel
carrier of her soul into the living land
the safe place of cross stitch, cable and twist
where the breath can be measured
just one step, one small step, beyond fear.

Colin Hambrook

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Colin Hambrook's etching of 'Impossible Knitter'

I have always admired Colin's paintings and poetry.He has recovered this preparatory drawing from many years ago after seeing the production. Colin Hambrook is a disabled artist whose poetry reflects his experience of mental illness. Many of his poems are inspired by his mother and her treatment under the mental health system from 1970 - 1990, when she died after two decades of ECT and major tranquilizers.

Colin's blog: http://knittingtime.wordpress.com/

The knitting circle gathered together on the unit

The Knitting Circle attracted extraordinary responses. The story continues...

The Story so far



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