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Defining Faces of an Arts Movement - Tanya Raabe's Touring Exhibition at Faith House Gallery, Holton Lee. Julie Mc has a passionate moment on encountering her own portrait for the first time. I can see the family likeness!

Check out Tanya on : www.tanyaraabe.com


At 10 years old Julie Mc led a strike in Church Drive primary school alongside Elaine Dodd protesting against the extra Maths sessions for girls whilst the boys played football.

At 14 she wrote her first play: 'Sensing Freedom' about a conversation on a street corner between Liverpool's outspoken Union leader Bessie Braddock and Black civil rights champion Malcolm X.

At 15 she was continually carpeted before the formidable Head Mistress, Winifred Ashton, for challenging authority.

'You are Odd!' she was told.

In 2009 that was reframed - 'You have ODD!' said Patricia Okahashi and Denise Young of 'Picture This Film Festival'...'Oppositional Defiance Disorder' they chorused. At last, a diagnosis she is willing to agree has some appeal.

She has fought for social justice all of her life and remains dedicated to a world where all of our citizens are equally valued. The exclusion of people with mental health issues and learning difficulties at every level of public life is one that she is deeply passionate to change. Her writing, her theatre making, indeed all of her creative work is driven by that intention.

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Marching for Disabled People's Right to travel on public transport.

Chris Ledger 1996

Julie Mc Everybody's OK but me
Everybody's O.K. but Me

Jan 2012 - BACK THE SPARTACUS REPORT - put together by disabled activists, organisations and others in the disability community. This is a direct challenge to the government's current Welfare reform bill. GET YOUR MPs, Councillors and public representatives to back this report.

2008 Creative Choices UK filmed during a national tour of Pig Tales by Julie McNamara. The play was commissioned by Karena Johnson and Pat Place for Xposure Festival of Disability Arts.

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