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Hold the Hearse!

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Hold the Hearse!

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Julie McNamara has been examining the collections both hidden and on display to record what becomes of the bad, the mad and the plain unruly in our midst. Touring museums in June, this interactive piece is a great celebration of defiantly different humans.

Hold the Hearse! was originally commissioned as part of 'Exceptional and Extraordinary: Unruly Bodies and Minds in the Medical Museum' - a Research Centre for Museums and Galleries project co-ordinated by Jocelyn Dodd and Richard Sandell.

Walter Riddle and Mad Mary are on the run. Desperate to evade Hunter's henchmen, they hide amongst the collections in the old Museum. If you've a penchant for grime, gruesome grave robberies and grisly murder ballads, this extraordinary tale is all yours!

Starring Eden West & Julie McNamara

Writer - Julie McNamara
Director & Dramaturg - Terry Galloway
Assistant Director - Emilia Teglia
Design - Julie Mc & Richard Rudnicki
Lighting Design - Crin Claxton
Audio Description - Alison Clarke
BSL - Vikki Gee Dare
Sound Design - Chas de Swiet
Voiceover Dr James Barry - Jean Osborne
Backdrop - Zed Gregory, They Them Studios
Stage Manager - Ali Pottinger
ASM - Alan Clifton
Production shots - Christian Sinibaldi


An extraordinary story celebrating defiantly different humans inside our Medical Museums.

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