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Hold the Hearse!

A glimpse into the hidden collections of medical museums. This tragi-comic tale reflects on the way disabled people have been collected asking why some lives are valued above others.



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Left Julie McNamara in Pig Tales (2002-2008)
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Disability Film Feast

Creators of London’s Disability Film Festival, Caglar Kimyoncu and Julie McNamara return to BFI to curate the best of the fests.  In partnership with Mayor of London Liberty Festival, BFI presents four exciting sessions celebrating the extraordinary talent and imagination of disabled filmmakers from a selection of Deaf and Disability Film Festivals across the globe. Sept 1st 2012 @ NFT3 and NFT studio

I dream, I dare, I do

This documentary explores the stories of three creatives with learning difficulties looking for a break in theatre and film. The only thing standing in their way is your attitude and mine.

Left, Alan Clifton as Jeeves

Image and design Julie McNamara

Alan Clifton as Jeeves

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Disability Film

I dream, I dare, I do

Hold the Hearse!

Let Me Stay

The Knitting Circle

Let Me Stay

Written alongside the playwright's mother Shirley McNamara. This is a surprising piece suggesting you can live well with dementia. Let Me Stay is a love letter straight from the heart with a wicked underlying humour - a tribute to 'the Queen of the Mersey'with much mischief and a wonderful sense of glee!

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The Knitting Circle

Based on the lived experiences of 
people confined in asylums and long stay hospitals closed in the 1980s and 90s. This production based on over 70 testimonies offers a chilling glimpse inside the world of the long care system with some extraordinary tales of survival.