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I have been entrusted with extraordinary stories along the road, for which I will always be grateful. The journey has taken me on some eccentric pathways. I have become a Magpie, a thief of others' stories. And my mother saw it in me early.

On seeing my hunger for Nanny Minto's vivid descriptions of the lives depicted in the yellowed pictures stored in her old biscuit tin, she warned her: "Don't tell her another thing! She writes everything down. You'll find yourself on stage one day. And we have to live here when she's moved on..."

Sometimes Mother knows best

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Julie McNamara's work is a passionate appeal for social justice. Her work places some extraordinary stories centrestage, shedding light on unheard voices from the margins of our communities.

Recent work: Let Me Stay developed into a love letter to her Mother, who lives with Alzheimer's. The piece toured for two years and is a celebration of life itself. It was created alongside Shirley McNamara, 'Queen of the Mersey'.

Let Me Stay is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD. Further information: intouch@vitalxposure.co.uk

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