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Here are three highly talented creative individuaIs. The only thing in the way of them finding meaningful employment and getting on with their lives is your attitude and mine. I was once privileged to be their ‘Mentor’ for a while and for ever after, our lives are intertwined.

This exciting documentary explores key strategies for making changes; the human resources, the dreams and disasters en route to making dreams come alive in a simple do’s and don’ts of Mentoring vulnerable people in professional development in the Arts.

What shines through is the brilliance of the souls searching for an opportunity to belong, in an exploration of mentoring relationships that is riddled with frustrations, held together with patience, stubbornness, creativity and most of all respect.

With a superb cast of arts professionals spanning international waters, we get to hear from the movers and shakers who have contributed to making three people’s dreams come true. In an atmosphere of continuing prejudice and discrimination and against a global economic recession, dreams still can and do come true.

Caglar Kimyoncu

Alan Clifton

from London, formerly a Trainee in Lighting and Stage Management.

Alan featured as Jeeves at People Show Studios 2010.
Alan also starred as Raymond in the sell out production of The Knitting Circle at Soho Theatre 2011.

Alan continues as a volunteer with Vital Xposure theatre.

Jennifer Stewart

of Picture This Film Festival, Calgary, Canada now works for an oil company based in Calgary.

Jen continues her work with Disability Action Hall in Calgary where she is an advocate.

She is writing her first script for a feature film.




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I dream, I dare, I do

The Knitting Circle

Let Me Stay

Hold the Hearse!

Julie McNamara

Rachel High

With No Strings Attached
Theatre of Disability Adelaide,
South Australia plays Chelsea in
'Steak and Chelsea Out to Lunch'
directed by Paolo Castro

Currently in her final year of a Drama degree course at Flinders University. She also trains with Tutti Kids & Restless Dance.

Rachel High In Steak & Chelsea

'I Dream I Dare I Do'

In 2010 Filmmaker Caglar Kimyoncu, Director at filmpro and Theatre maker Julie McNamara set off on a journey to record the extraordinary achievements of three embattled individuals who have a dream. This documentary is about how those dreams became a reality. It is also all about love.

Each person at the heart of these stories shares a passion for the Arts and a dream that drives them to take on extraordinary challenges. Each one of them also happens to live with Learning Difficulties.

I dream, I dare, Ido

Sneak preview!

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