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Alan Clifton and Deni Francis in The Knitting Circle designed by Emma Wee 2011.

'Reminded me very much of what's going on in Mental Health re recovery just now... re 'moving on', independence and getting out - it is still a very discriminatory and hostile world, especially for those who've been in services a long time. Sometimes it seems in all the excitement re recovery, people are forgotten.'

Premila Trivedi (Survivor & Consultant)




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The Knitting Circle

Let Me Stay

Hold the Hearse!

'An Excellent show. Beautiful, clever writing with subtle landing of the stories. Harrowing at times. I am still thinking about it.

Charlotte Jones (CEO, Independent Theatre Council)

Sanjiv Hayre as Colin Shine watching over the sheep dip as the women strip - Fiona Whielaw, Caroline Parker, Deni Francis and Penelope Freeman

The Knitting Circle, 2013.

'Thank you Julie. Movingly told, intensely acted. generously gifted stories"

Helen Idle

Esther McAuley as Jackee Becky Barry as Joyce Chase and Fiona Whitelaw as Celia

 Sandy Senior

Raymond stacks the tea trolley whilst Jackee packs the cases ready for leaving.
Nan Sweeney armed with knitting needles looks ready for battle!
The patients arrive at the Knitting Circle on the social Education Unit

'Years of experience and memories have gone into this play ... all true stories of patients and healthcare workers who inhabited the long stay hospitals. The Knitting Circle takes its name from a women's group McNamara once ran...she doesn't shy away from the brutality that went on.'

Harriet Vickers BMJ
British Medical Journal 2nd March 2011

Maroula knits for Christmas

'The abuse and cruelty meted out to women in the old asylums is a part of our nation's history and it is a part of our own present, it is still happening.  We have a responsibility to those suffering to ensure it stops right now.  Some in our society have a tendency to punish and torture those who depend on them for care and safety. As a society we need the courage to stamp it out as unworthy of our humanity.'

Carole Bressington Consultant (Story Contributor) 


I loved it! Very Clever script,
amazing director, brilliantly acted. I recognize all of the characters from our days in the old bins!'

Dr Rachel Perkins OBE

(Story Contributor)

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