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Colin Hambrook, Editor, Disability Arts Online waxes lyrical about 'Let Me Stay':


"At last a play that engages with the experience of dementia from the perspective of the person living through it and turns the usual hackneyed narrative of tragedy on its head. The play is funny, poignant and hope inspiring. Excellent."
Liz Sayce Chief Executive, Disability Rights UK


"I'm still smiling! Poignant, but not maudlin, respectful while often hysterically funny, A brilliantly portrayed celebration of a unique life. I heartily recommend it!"
Bill Dynes, Liverpool


"Absolutely brilliant! No-one else but Julie McNamara could write a play about dementia that leaves a rosy glow inside. It is about time someone showed the possibility of living well with dementia. Too often the messages we hear are filled with doom and gloom. Well done!" Dr. Rachel Perkins, SW Trust


"A devastatingly honest, beautifully observed and incredibly funny performance. Writing like this requires a very deep and special appreciation of life and disability..."
Carol Ackroyd, DAO March 2014


"Pure compelling story telling, straight from the heart."
Judith Johnson, Playwright, Royal Court, Razed Roof


'Thank you everyone - my audience - thank you for coming. I've had a very long career. Julie is my lover's daughter. No, my daughter's lover. No...yes. Thank you all! I'm a star"

Shirley McNamara, April 2014

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